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Originally Posted by executioneer View Post
part of what i liked is the fact that you almost CAN'T just kill a whole town like you could in f3. I could kill all of megaton or three outcasts in power armour right out of vault 101, but in new vegas i couldn't even kill a bunch of elvis-impersonator dorks when i'd leveled up to about 10 because they swarm you the hell up
Yeah I also noticed that it seems to be a little more dangerous this time around. Not that I die all the time but I DID die, which happend only very rarely in F3 on normal.

I just finished the Dinosaur-Quest this morning and got my first packmule...err companion and house (the motel room does count as a safe house as far as I know). I want scopes and mods for my handguns though and I canīt find any decent traders around the wastes...only second rate fleamarket entrepreneurs...
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