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Two things you guys! I had the same sentiment and open mindedness that Willie explained but I have beaten off of that path way too long ago! I don't know if I'll get back to that!

I also have the same sentiment as esuolhim towards people who go all out or even slightly model themselves after their culture. But I've never even talked to them! I even hate it when people wear only t-shirts, or even hats, with band names!

Mother fucker, I don't know if this is the worst irony or the funniest shit I've seen all week.

But yeah, I do have to say Moby is terrible as I liked him in my teenage years and when I listen to him now, the only thoughts that come to mind is the hope that I don't make a sad drama romantic story in my head from the ambience and cry like a little bitch.

Portishead. I remember liking their song sour times. Their other stuff, I haven't given much time! I'm gonna do that! After Honky Dory!

Also Willie. Introducing your teenager to ICP is literally the procedure to commit an abortion past the legal trimester. ( :*DE

Thanks guys! Now I have something to actually do!
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