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You guys ever play this game?

It's a game that's like Zelda but not. And by "like Zelda" I mean "it's Link to the Past with serial numbers filed off and Chrono Trigger-looking sprites," but that's ok because it's also way cooler than Link to the Past. It's got super-good music (the "increased max life" fanfare still isn't as good as Cave Story's) and the story is pretty simple but really well done and actually one of the more morbid plots I've seen in a game, like, it's got a narrative obsession with death to Planescape Torment levels.

For a game with a top-down perspective it's got a serious metric assload of platforming (at least it's not isometric, eesh) which is admittedly terrible, but other than that it's fucking great and it's a measly 6 bucks on PSN. Buy it!

It was the developer Matrix Software's very first game, and basically their only good one before they started churning out fucking sadistically difficult DS remakes of Final Fantasy games. People tell me you could describe it as a spiritual successor to Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole, but since I only know Landstalker as "that game that was in the sexual video game moments thing" I couldn't tell you if they're right. Play Alundra anyway.

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