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Thanks for the comments, everyone!

: I feel like Max has already done a fine job of trashing Ultimates 3 in the Weeklies section, so it'd probably be redundant for me to do a Longbox column about it. Check out his reviews if you haven't already!

Max: They actually have a rotating group of creative teams since it's now coming out three times a month. The first arc was written by Dan Slott, the second by Mike Carey (who I actually like most of the time). I have my suspicions though that the cheesy, condescending crap in that narration bubble was contributed by the editor rather than the writer. And that's a damn good point about Alex Ross and design. I actually hadn't even considered that before, but it makes sense.

Asmodai: What Image books out there are you referring to? The only Image books I can think of that I hear consistently good things about are The Walking Dead and Invincible (neither of which I've read). If there's other stuff I should check out, I'd love to know. Marvel still has some great books (i.e. Punisher, Iron Fist, Captain America, Daredevil) and DC's Vertigo line has in my opinion been the single best publisher of comics for the past decade.

Wyldflame: The DC Absolute volumes may be expensive, but man are they well put together. I only own two, Planetary Vol 1 and Watchmen...I'm rereading Watchmen now in Absolute form, and if any book deserves to be presented in that format, it's that one!

Drunken_Lemur408: I'm not sure that Jean Grey poster is conclusive, or if it's just a tease. They've also had Wolverine and Hawkeye posters like that. In any event, Jean's been dead since Grant Morrison's run, so it's about time some jackass editor came along and decided "oh she never really died cuz she was a skrull". I've heard it said on multiple occasions though from Quesada that Iron Man and Cap are the only heroes who are entirely off limits from being skrulls, so as to not cheapen the "impact" of Civil War. Too bad that's the only reasonable explanation for Iron Man's crazy behavior of late.
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