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First I went on cringe binge today. I got stuck on Pamperchu and was in utter befuddlement with his used diaper fetish and microwaving them in his old ass microwave. Dude's an adult baby into pro audio... I can't even begin to fathom how that works out. Then I saw he had a youtube channel and I just couldn't resist watching his videos. It all snow balled from there. To get myself back to sanity, I go onto Netflix and watch Ghost Dog Way of the Samurai, great film by Jarmusch, night starts feeling right. Movie comes to an end and then right under it was documentaries, and right in documentaries is bronies. Shit, I get stuck back in the loop of cringe. I put it on for like 5 minutes and in that 5 minutes I see the infamous photo that you or either Chojin put up here where it's him and like 4 other things with this huge cut out of one of those pony things. You know, the one where he is in front and bending down with his arms spread out. He's like wearing a green hat or something and has a red shirt on. The kid in the back is like kissing this cut out of a pony. It totally caught me off guard. I then had to turn it off, it got to awkward for me. Now I have to cleanse my mind with some John Waters.
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