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So, black friday I got up at 3am and stood in line at Sears. It was worth it. I got a 46" LCD 1080p sharp aquos for $1100 +tax...the new slim model that they dance around with in the commercial.

I got home and hooked it up. Running the HDMI from my 360 elite. Color is great, text looks clean and crisp, but what's with all the jaggies in the background? I know Halo3 had problems (lack of AA??) but I'm seeing it in COD4, Forza2, Everything on the Orange Box, DOA4...pretty much every game I play except for table tennis and Gears of War. I got online and searched for lcd TV calibration guides and I tweaked the color, the contrast, the sharpness and still no dice. And yes, I do have my 360 settings set to 1080p widescreen.

Pissed off, I said fuck HDMI and hooked up component (isn't HDMI supposed to be better?). The component cables look slightly better, but there's still very noticeable jaggies. I mean, it's almost bad enough to be compared to first gen PS2 (even PSX) jaggies. It's BAD. And I'm PISSED. I read that maybe I'm just sitting too close; about 3 1/2 feet away. But shouldn't my picture be just as crisp up close as it as at a distance?

Should I go try to exchange it? This is my first HDTV, and it just doesn't look as clean and crisp as I was expecting. I've got a modded xbox running through S-video and even the roms I run have smoother lines than most of my 360 games. So is this a 360 problem? Am I just being too picky? Any of you guys/gals got a good online calibration tut. you use? Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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