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Originally Posted by RadioNinja View Post
I haven't geeked out on the web about this, but did anybody else notice THE glaring inconsistency in this movie? In ESB when Luke returns to Dagobah to complete his training, there's an exchange between Yoda and Obi Wan's "force ghost" to the extent that Obi wan defends Luke at one point by asking Yoda "Was I any different when you trained me?" So...I call gundark crap on Qui Gon even being in the first movie.
NO inconsistency there: Obi-Wan's training was started by Yoda (like all temple padawans) and wasn't training under Gui-Gon until age 12 (like his 7th year of training if not more). Luke's training under Yoda (like his 2nd year of training at best) is far more basic and generalized- but most compared to Obi-Wan's temple years where he disobeyed Yoda plenty of times [as seen in Jedi Apprentice series by Jude Watson]. Furthermore any senior Jedi, especially the Jedi council, is considered a trainer for any wisdom/advice/discipline passed down. And if the EU dosn't float your boat, there's always the end scenes where Obi-Wan takes little orphan Annie as his padawan regardless of what Yoda thinks, before he knows the council outvoted Yoda over young Skywalker's training. And finally, and most importantly, If you read this whole reply about OT VS PT inconsistency: go outside and get some exercise fanboy
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