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Another awesome article, Protoclown. You never fail to impress.

I honestly thought that the Goddamned Batman was the single most insane thing I saw since Silver and Golden age comics (back when Jimmy Olsen used to randomly get superpowers, par example), trumping even the madness that was Dostoyevsky Comics. I can now officially state, with a mixture of trepidation and outright horror that even that level of insanity has been soundly trumped.

The truly disgusting part of it all, however, is that Queseda forced this up our collective asses after the sheer volume of win Straczynski chucked our way. Much like Batman Begins did for Batman, Straczynski managed to not only humanize the character of Spider-Man (difficult considering his superpowers). It wasn't always pleasant, but after the shit Spidey's been through, I'd say it was a step in the right direction.

Seriously, someone needs to burn Queseda at the stake. When's the last time we've done that? It's been too long.
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