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I think the theory that all "The Ones" have been clones of Neo is pure shit. I don't think anyone here has supported that theory, have they? I know I brought it up, but only to illustrate how strange I thought my friends' ideas were.

I think The One was definitely a COMPLETELY different person every time. And I've no doubt that with every incarnation of The Matrix and/or Zion, the Oracle plants the seeds that will inspire someone to seek out The One. This time it was Morpheus. Before it could have been Barnacle Bob, or someone else.

I think Agent Smith going rogue is a new element that hasn't occurred in any of the 5 previous instances, and I have a feeling that he's going to play a MAJOR role in the endgame and the final escape/breakdown of The Matrix, whether intentional or not. He's like a virus now, and the other Agents don't seem to know how to deal with him. They also seem surprised by his presence, which leads me to believe that the System isn't necessarily aware of Smith's return or what he's capable of now.

And to all of you who are saying we're reading too much into this or thinking too much about what is essentially an action movie, well, poo poo to you, I say! This is exactly what a good movie, no, a good STORY is supposed to do. Get the audience thinking and discussing ideas. Pure entertainment is fun too, a little fluff here and there is good for everyone. But movies like this, while entertaining, transcend that "pure entertainment" category and are actually WORTH discussing the meaning of and message behind. I'm not saying that these are the deepest films ever made. But they're deep enough to get a good discussion going. They are worthy.

I mean, what else should we discuss? The philosophical layers of "XXX"?
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