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Originally Posted by OxBlood View Post
Puzzle Strike is on its way here, I kinda went a little crazy and bought the whole Sirlin-Package for...well, a lot of Dollars. You simply cant get any of that over here any other way.
Wish I could have stopped you, there's a newer edition, with the works like screens and game pads on their kickstarter page coming out, and as far as I can tell they will ship it anywhere for a 55 us dollar donation (plus shipping costs)

Tried out a game called Primordial Soup, it is a race for survival game where your amoeba have to out evolve everyone else's amoeba while taking care to not evolve beyond the current climate, also you eat other amoeba's poop (while playing it all the other CABS passers by kept mentioning that particular game mechanic)

Also tried out Galaxy Trucker. I absolutely sucked at it, in fact I may have broken the record for suck on it by ending the game with a mere 1 credit to my name. Still, trying to build a ship quickly is a blast and watching as your ramshackle creation falls apart in the remorseless emptiness of space is kind of funny to see.

Finally got around to opening and playing Lord of the Rings The Card Game. It could use more scenarios, but was a solid co-op card game once you learn the somewhat cumbersome rules
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