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Originally Posted by carcass View Post
-ROG- you could make these at home if you wanted you can buy all kinds of different color corn tortillias at the super market and cut them into any shape or spooky design u want and just fry them up and a bit of salt and you are good to go, the only problem is them keeping the shape while frying them you could bake them too
Yeah, that's the tricky part... keeping the shape. I think a lot of them get destroyed during shipping though, which is why I had to sift through the package a few times to find ones that I could photograph. I think all of them look pretty good though and appreciate any snack company making the effort to do more than just alter the packaging for their product.

Originally Posted by dextire View Post
And here all this time I had no idea my chips were inadequate for my Halloween snacking needs.
The Monster Munch things look almost exactly like Ghost Dots.
HAha, I hadn't even noticed that, but they do look like 'em!

Originally Posted by nirvana_infinity View Post
OOOOH! Another good Halloween dip choice- guacamole. It's not horribly bad for you, is delicious, and looks like slime. Three-way win.
Oh absolutely:

Salsa = brains. Guacamole = zombie barf.
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