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Most of you will not understand this, but that's fine. The target audience will understand.

Anyone who has read The Lord of the Rings and knows a bit more about the history of Middle-Earth is familiar with Númenor, formerly the most powerful nation of men. The Dúnedain who lived there were the greatest race of men, living usually three times longer than lesser races. Númenor was swallowed by the sea, but some of the Dúnedain, led by Elendil, the father of Isilidur and Anárion, came to Middle-Earth and founded Gondor and Arnor. Over time, the Dúnedain dwindled in numbers as they mixed with the lesser races and Gondor and Arnor decreased in power. Arnor eventually ceased to exist. Gondor, though still powerful, was only a shadow of its former self and came nowhere near the power of Númenor. The line of Elendil and Isildur was lost and the Dúnedain diminished even further. So too with these boards.

Back in the glory days of I-Mockery, there were posters of much higher caliber. The old ezboard forum has long since been "swallowed by the sea" but its former glory still lingers in the minds of those who have been here long enough to remember. Those of us who came here from the old forums have suffered through the long years of decay and the mingling with the lesser posters. We yearn for the glory days of old. Yet, we are not without hope. We, the Dúnedain of I-Mockery, await the day of renewal. The day when the Aragorn of I-Mockery will reclaim the throne, throw down the Enemy, and return us to the old ways.
You remind me of the Sith in Star Wars.
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