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Originally Posted by DuFresne View Post
So is that exercise only for people who can't stop peeing mid-stream, or is there some other function?
Stopping peeing in mid stream is a TEST to see if you have control over the muscle. The EXERCISE is the trick solo or with the towel. I guess, the WHY you would do this is really up to you. Maybe you could get good and flip a quarter with your hard on. Maybe yer on a road trip, stop at a bathroom to relieve yourself, and you hear Al-Queda bust in to the rest stop and you gotta quit to fight, because you're an newly activated sleeper agent for the WAR ON TERROR (you never knew).

Or maybe it's kinda neat to learn new things about the human body... you know things many people can do. Maybe you can use this talent to please a a sexual partner. Maybe.
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