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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
So there is a huge population boom of Spanish speaking peoples in a certain fictional town I am making up, after a decade or so the scales of Spanish speakers (those that speak Spanish at home) compared to English speakers are tipped in the Spaniards favour. As a result, more and more Spanish speaking businesses pop up as time goes on, more and more money is being made in the Spanish speaking market as opposed to the English speaking one. There is more support in the form of money towards the Spanish speaking community. Spanish speaking people who are legally American citizens run for... is it called parliament over there? Well they run for that. Local government type shindigs.

The high percentage of Spanish speaking voters get them elected mayor or whatever of hypotheticalville, and one of their first acts is to add Spanish to all road signs in the town because as it stands it takes that extra fraction of a second for most drivers to translate things and that could lead to accidents. For the safety of legal American citizen drivers, the signs are changed to Spanish. Also this town could be YOUR TOWN.
HEY! THAT is my town! But its cool. Them Mexicans know how to eat.

Some sort of 'bill' in Arizona making it easier for honest American police officers to target suspected illegal immigrants if they look suspiciously like they are illegal. I was only joking that they were cracking down though.
Oh yeah I think I heard about this. Its something like "If you look really Mexican you better carry around your papers showing your legal or we will deport you"
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Exactly. Life's too short to not be ejaculating as often as possible
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