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Originally Posted by Fathom Zero View Post
Oh man, lemme think about this. I totally have a couple games in mind.

PS you should totally be Stu Benedict this Halloween if you haven't yet. I was watching my Pete & Pete DVDs the other night. The resemblance is uncanny, dude.
Lemme know if you wanna do some Halloween game reviews and I'll PM you the info. As for Stu Benedict, not a bad costume idea at all, but without a school bus to drive it just wouldn't feel complete. Still not sure what I feel like dressing as yet this year, but I may end up wanting to make something. It really just depends on how much free time I have in the coming months.

Originally Posted by Grislygus View Post
I'm all about obscure horror shit, I could do several reviews for anything except comics
Glad to hear it man, just sent ya a PM. Thankee!
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