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If Castlevania games are appropriate enough for the season, I could do a weekly review on some of them (I know Protoclown gave a review of the original, but maybe I could do maybe one of the DS/GBA ones. Or the second game in the series.

Sadly that's the only gaming thing that I feel is Halloweenish/horrifying enough as far as video games go that I also feel I could do a good job on. (And as far as board games go, I'd be happy to give a decent review for Arkham Horror, but I'm pretty sure this is video game exclusive here).

Edit: Post Halloween if you still need volunteers for games I could do that.

I wouldn't be able to do comics or music, and I've only seen a few Halloween/horror movies (but I do enjoy them, just don't own them). Sorry about the small number of things I could write about, but thankee for looking at this.
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