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Originally Posted by stevetothepast View Post
anyone play any good video games lately?
Yes, I played a game called Bastion last week and upon completing it I concluded that it had pretty much been everything a video game should fucking be and the best new game I've played in fucking forever.

It's fun and challenging and exiciting to play, it looks fantastic, the soundtrack fucks you in one ear while a running narration by some guy who sounds like a cross between James Earl Jones and that old blues singer from Metalocalypse fucks you in the other, and the game is aware of the fact that there is a sentient human being playing and enjoying it, and as a consequence it strives to make the player feel like they're as important a part of the narrative as any of the characters, locations or plot devices. I personally feel involved in this shit, you dig?

There aren't a lot of games I'd consider to be "perfect" games, not even any of those gay 90's JRPGs I'm always jacking off about. This, though, this is the real shit. Every major element of Bastion just works; I could think of a few things to complain about if I tried, like how melee weapons are basically useless once you get the shotgun or how the dual revolvers are the worst pieces of shit to ever exist, but that's all petty shit that's completely eclipsed by the game's grand design and 100% sexy execution. It's just SO FUCKING GOOD OMG I can't even deal. The last single-player game I can remember doing basically everything right like this was Half Life 2 Episode 2. Bastion is Valve good, I mean, fuck.

The only actual problem with it was that it ended at some point, although I guess there's new game plus and hard mode from Idols. That follow-up they're working on looks like more of the same except with cyberpunk and a USB Buster sword, so I guess I'm all over that shit when it comes out.
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