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ok, back to the question:who could they wrap up with this act?
my concern centers around the frame of mind bush has when he says things like 'if you are not with us your with the terrorists.
the mca allows broad interpretation and as Fiengold said 'key terms go undefined' If i stand out on the street with a sign claiming bush is a war criminal i could be considered materially supporting hostilities. If i donate money to a group that turns out to support hostilities without my knowledge i could be wrapped up by the mca. People have already been nabbed by this several years ago, now it's even easier to apply the rule. Also, maintaining a blog or website against war could be considered supporting hostilities.

Fiengold: "It would permit trial by military commission not just for those accused of serious terrorist crimes, but also individuals, including legal permanent residents of this country, who are alleged to have "purposefully and materially supported hostilities" against the United States or its allies. "
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