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I...don't remember putting on an amulet? I just remember using buffs and debuffs.

In any case, I think Final Fantasy as a whole is a pretty poor example of role playing games, and I have no idea why people get so worked up over them. It's no use throwing hissy fits over a franchise that had maybe two or three decent entries before going full retard. Getting mad at Square for making meh RPGs that cater to their mindless fanbase is like getting mad at Call of Duty for making meh FPSs that cater to a mindless fanbase. There are better games out there and you don't have to play the popular franchise just because it's popular.

Really, once I started digging into stuff like SMT, FF games just feel like they're made for children...which they are...

Also? Why are Final Fantasy games called Role Playing Games? You don't make any decisions; you just watch the characters make the decisions themselves.

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