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you don't have to play the popular franchise just because it's popular.
Final Fantasy was a staple of my childhood and I count 6 and especially 7 among my favorite games of all time, so I guess I just want them to be that good again. I know they won't, but what really pisses me off is that they genuinely could if idiots weren't in charge of them. FF13 is one long string of offensively wasted potential, and that's depressing.

I also really want to rag on the ending. If I understood right, the bad guy basically wants the party to go and kill Orphan, the fal'Cie that keeps Cocoon powered and floating in the sky and shit. His plan seems to be that if enough people die, the original god of the world will come back and everything will be super peachy again. The party's like "yeah no, fuck that, we're not slaughtering millions of people just so you can have your imaginary friend come back and hang out with you, eat a dick." Then they go to Pulse and try to find a way to not be l'Cie anymore so they don't have to choose between mass murder and being horrible crystal zombies. There isn't a way, of course, and I guess they decide to go back to Cocoon and kill Barthandelus because he's a cunt and if they're all going to face a fate worse than death, they might as well at least kill the guy who's responsible for it. Then they get to his secret volcano lair, and Orphan is there, and they just sort of... attack it. They do the one thing they specifically set out to not do, and nobody fucking comments on it. What the fuck?

That's even stupider than "hey, the way we're gonna kill Ultimecia is, get this, let her put her evil reality-ending plan into motion then just sort of jump out and bushwhack her while she's preoccupied."

Then I guess they get saved by the power of friendship or some bullshit? Whatever the hell happened in the ending cinematic wasn't foreshadowed or referenced beforehand, they could have just literally had a wizard come and make everything ok and it would've had the same relevance.

Man, fuck this game.
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