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Originally Posted by kahljorn View Post
what was so bad about it
I only played the "beta" (which was released 2 weeks before the game launched. It wasn't changed when it officially started) and the interface was the most abysmal piece of UI ever created, it lacked common features that MMOs have had for years (auction house, in particular), the setting was incredibly bland even for an MMO, and nearly every single action you could possibly take had some weird kind of condition to it.

Originally Posted by King Hadas View Post
An FF7 remake would suck. I guess people want the graphics redone like Advent Children. Is that a good thing? Do you really want a modern Squarenix style makeover? And do you think they'll leave it at that? Of course they'll find other things to "fix".
Well the main problem is that FF7 still had a lot of weird humor and pantomiming left over from the SNES era. You'd need to change the whole tone of a lot of scenes.

ffvii isa good game cuz the story isnt too gay,
Emo McJackass walks around a Not-Blade-Runner futuristic city and give everyone an attitude, then falls in love with a flower girl who's the last of some ancient race, then the flower girl dies and Baby PoutsAlot goes catatonic because he realized everything he ever told everyone was actually copypasted from someone else's biography. Then he kills some guy in a battle of impossible swords and goes home to hang out with a talking tiger and a robot cat.

But seriously, FF7 is just FF6 except the graphics aged like milk and the gameplay is way slower. Even the "magic abused through technology" thing was done better in FF6. After playing FF6 and Chrono Trigger on the SNES, FF7 just felt regressive as fuck.

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