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Originally Posted by King Hadas View Post
An FF7 remake would suck. I guess people want the graphics redone like Advent Children. Is that a good thing? Do you really want a modern Squarenix style makeover? And do you think they'll leave it at that? Of course they'll find other things to "fix".

Final Fantasy 13 is a bad game, but I thought the relationships between the main characters were interesting. I never finished the game because the difficulty curve shot to the fucking moon but I did watch the ending on Youtube; awful. I've noticed in a lot of Japanese media they'll drop whatever interesting characterization they were working on up to that point for an overly serious big boss to test our heroes for boring faux tension. It's as if someone is offstage yelling "wrap it up, wrap it up."
Well if you ever saw the tech demo they made when the PS3 came out they kept everything looking t6he same as FF7's concept art, character wise and kept the same city layouts.

FF7, myself included, only want a remake in terms of the same game, just with modern graphics.
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