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Originally Posted by Phoenix Gamma View Post
I didn't like Last of Us. Graphics were phenomenal and the story was alright, but the combat just felt very shallow, and all you do between fights is highlight items and hammer triangle, or slide ladders around.

Also, the difficulty's backwards. The first few encounters are crazy hard, then it just gets easier and easier until you're massacring everyone in the hotel without breaking a sweat. Then it gets even easier. And the last few fights in the game are a fucking joke. The only time it got hard again was the first half of the Winter chapter because you're back to having almost no items again.

Also, I can't wait until humans invent injections that cure rebar impalements.
I agree with just about everything here. However, I still really liked the game.

The last few encounters are a serious joke. I can deal with no boss battle at the end, lots of games do that. They could have made the last few encounters timed to add some challenge but they didnt. Lots of the encounters is the game have guys you can sneak past but usually its best to take them out before engaging the next group. I think in the final encounters there were very few guys you just had to take out.

Not to mention, I never really felt like I didnt have the supplies I needed. If you just put in a little effort to sneak around and take out a few guys by choking them out, you always had plenty to take out the rest. Any time you actually come close to going empty is after a big fight and you get to loot everyone and get plenty stocked up.


Again, still loved the game though and multiplayer is sweet. I love how stealthy it makes you be. I have yet to see anyone do a good job with doing a run and gun.
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