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hey i used to post here a while back. just wondering if anyone remembers me and should i stick around or just fuck off .?

i'm your friend


ps j/k

I'll be your frang


SPORT IS FOR THE GAYS???? might've been touched by me while I was spinnin some Joe Cocker meets Felix da Housecat once...stick around...


ill be your friend raver

Hi caith! A/S/L?

Raver141, werent you that british fuck?

Fuck off

yes robot i am as described.

im my friend.

Last time we left off, about six years ago, we were arguing about who sucks and what not. Care to pick up where we left off?

i would love to robot but i cant be bothered to bore myself to death reading your drivel. ravers and bastards rule.

This thread clearly points out the amount of ruling that you do.

Ruler of dick.

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