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So it's like primary school, when the bullies used to tease this kid and call him a loser, fat, dickhead etc, and one day he just said "Yep, I'm a dick head" or "Yeah, I am a loser, so what?". It meant the bullies got less fun out of teasing him, so they stopped, but that didn't mean that they suddenly had some respect for him, or that the the teased kid suddenly became part of the 'cool' group.

So Jonathan Clement can shrug off any insults people throw at him with zany comebacks that don't make sense, or "yeah, I suck dicks! Woah!" and eventually people stop getting any fun out of punching the punching bag... but it doesn't mean anyone likes him.

And if he didn't want to get insulted, why come here in the first place? Why keep posting on a board where nobody likes you, and the only worth you had was the enjoyment you gave people who poked fun at you?