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Whoa. My PC broke down last year, so I missed this one.

Really ... I'm not surprised 3D Realms and the DNF team went under, what did surprise me is:

1 - it took so long
2 - they were still "trying" to do it
3 - Huh? They're still developing it? I thought they had abandoned it by now!

BTW, Prey may have been cancelled in 1998, but it was one of the original reasons DNF got bumped. 3D Realms didn't want to show off its Prey engine until Prey was released, so they switched DNF to the Quake2 engine... which is another ironic event, as Duke3D took potshots at that series with the "Ain't afraid of no Quake" easter egg. Little did we know that Prey would die, and that the Q2 engine switch was the first of many switches they would do. I lost interest sometime after they switched to the Unreal one.
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