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Old Feb 4th, 2008, 10:01 PM        Amazon's attack: lets forget it happened
Who is with me that the entire "Amazon's Attack" thing was ridiculous. Where's the party where the US military goes ahead and nukes the amazons tiny island back to hades? I feel this should have replaced teh entire second half of it.
*two soldiers trudge over mounds of dead amazons*
Soldier 1: Wow, they thought bees were gonna out do guns?
Soldier 2: Ya what are they retarded?
Soldier 1: Sure they may be warriors, but we're well... we're America*, we make up reasons for wars.
Soldier 2: Ya, how did they think this would end?
*awkward pause*
Soldier 1: Wanna go get lunch?
Soldier 2: Thought you'd never ask.
In short, i think we, the comic reading community should forget this ever happened... ever... *PS i'm american, so i'm not trying to offend anyone with earlier comments ^^
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