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I don't mean to sound like a bitchboy, I mean they're only movies but I'm against movie piracy. It's the reason the price for movie tickets that are so jacked up to a ridiculous amount. Although it would be hypocrite of me to call the motherfuckrs out because I pay half price for movie tickets. I buy my ticket through those touch screen machine thingy and I select senior citizen. Learn the systen, fuck the system, rage agaisnt the machine am I right?

Anyhoo I watched apisode 3 last night. Definitely the darkest one of all. Probably a little disturbing when anakin killed the children but it makes sense to kill off the children in order to prevent future of numorous attempts by good jedis to end the darkside. Also I can't help but think sam jackson is related to yoda cuz they both look damn exactly alike. I had a major boner when vader appeared in his awesome get up suit and shouted nooooo! And the wookie clan was great. All in all I enjoyed it and it cleared up all the questions everyones been pondering since return of jedi. and it ranks up there with the last three episode (new hope-jedi). Really good movie.
enjoy now, regret later
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