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Originally Posted by Noob3
I was totally on the edge of my seat expecting Greivous to just fucking slice Obi-Wan into pieces. I knew it wasn't going to happen, but in my heart I truly hoped it would. I mean, fucking, come on! He had FOUR LIGHT SABERS. Fuck the force, man. Who fucking needs the force when you are a monkey footed, 4 armed murderous man-droid? He could have had 6 lightsabers! He has jetboosters! But no force-field. Sigh.

Fucking A! Obi-wan just fucking SHOOTS him? General Greivous, General of the droid army couldn't afford to get some force-fields that the destroyer droids had? I mean, would he even had to pay for one? He was the fucking GENERAL, afterall. You don't think they'd be cheap when it came to giving him state of the art defense system. He was all light saber resistant and shit, but he dies to a some gay ass lazer blasts?

It would have been so cool if they were going at it and all the sudden you hear like, slice, slice, SLICE. And then Greivous starts like, laughing a weezy laugh. And obi-wan fucking just slides apart. Everyone would of been like, what the fuck? And then THE SUPER CRAZIEST PLOT TWIST OF ALL TIME would have been that 4-6 never really exisited. Emperor/Vader/Greivous would have been the coolest evilist galaxy ruling mother fuckers of all time ;(

I wonder if palpatine would have even shut the droid army down if Greivous lived..
i second that motion
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