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Old Mar 9th, 2006, 11:52 AM        WOW! Got a new job already!!!!
CAn't believe it, I've only had three weeks off work, and only officially made redundant last Thursday. But I had a second interview yesterday (which lasted 6 hours) they were a bit cheeky I have to say, getting me to finish 3 jobs, including sending them to print. So they got 6 hours work for free. But I've got a week's trial starting Monday and all being well, I'll be employed as a full time designer! They use software that's new to me (InDesign) but I picked it up pretty well yesterday. I just can't believe it, this was the first job interview and I got it!!

If this works out, then I'm better off for being redundant, not only getting free courses off the govt, but having a little redundancy left over. Mind you, house repairs will suck that all away.

Time to celebrate now!
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