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Originally Posted by Rev. Danno
Rog, Where is your info? Post damn you!
Alrighty, here ya go Danno.

Name- -RoG-
Age- 26
job- Webmaster of I-Mockery (and seeking freelance web design projects)
where you at?- Richmond, VA (Cheapville, USA)
why did you start posting- I have no fucking idea.
how long have you been on the board- Since the dawn of time.
hobbies- Guitar/Keyboards/Singing, writing humorous web pieces, games, toy collecting, and I just started Tae Kwon Do lessons.
fav. music/band- Faith No More, Bad Religion, Cynic, Nine Inch Nails, Queensryche.
fav. book- The "Choose Your Own Adventure" series
fav. movie- High Strung (there is no substitute)
Who do you hate the most on this board- Who DON'T I hate?
what is that smell- Hopefully a nice tax refund.

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