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Originally Posted by Softix View Post
Well my girlfriend of 2 years now has been treating me like shit and its to the point where we dont care if we call each other. I am taking hard because she was the only girl that has made me feel loved sort to speak and all the other where just flings. Well she is being rude to me and now telling me she can hangout with any guy she wants and i said ok go ahead . and now one of them was talking shit about me and i told her something about it and the only thing she had to about it was " he's a cool guy" well i guess that makes me just want to end are friendship since someone can talk about your lover and you think their "cool" love is a myth and i think its going to stay that way in my eyes

Well stop being a doormat. You don't have to put up with horseshit just because someone is your girlfriend or boyfriend.

March over there, tell her that you're sick and tired of her bullshit, and break up once and for all with the cunt.

And don't go back to her just because you feel lonely afterwards. You're better off alone than with a worthless skank who treats you like shit.
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