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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
Ha, well it was cold war competition at it's finest, but yes, still a great leap for mankind. It can be both.

Also, I never explained my assumptions or what they were based on, so where are you getting that I said we weren't technologicaly developed enough? I'm not doubting SCIENCE, I'm doubting 1960s American government. It's 2:30 am and I am not gerared up for a debate anyway

Ok, when they send up another mission, and they have live footage, and photos, and the footprints and flag and moon lander are in exactly the same place as they are in the original photos, then I will switch sides. Before that, I wont be sure because I haven't studied either the theories for or those that are against.
again, this was a world-wide effort in which your own government had quite a bit involvement in from start to finish. i understand that it was only funded and popularized as a 'race', but that's not how it was conducted or how it should be remembered.

here's the most recent evidence of the apollo landing sites as they currently stand.
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