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While awaiting JTP, I will accept a challenge from the Captain.

Good choice, Cap - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

A Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie I love: Inception. 'nuff said.

A Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie I like: A River Runs Through It - I'm not ashamed to really like this movie. Plus, it shows Gordon-Levitt's acting chops at a very young age.

A Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie I hate: I won't say G.I Joe - The Rise of Cobra, because I didn't see the movie, although it probably sucks. For this, I'll go with Angels in the Outfield. He was still young, so he can be forgiven for this choice.

Honorable Mention: I said it before for John Lithgow, but the series 3rd Rock from the Sun was very good, and again showed his acting talent at a young age. (500) Days of Summer was also very good. I'm also hearing great things about 50/50. At the tender age of 30, I believe he has successfully survived the "Curse of the Child Actor".
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