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Popndeth: why in the hell do we get like two of these guys a week now?
Snickers8T8: That post is just OFF THE HOOK
Popndeth: haha
Popndeth: i should have told him we already had two ultra-controversial and in-your-face threads in general blabber :,
Snickers8T8: the forums should be like the house in Fight Club. People who want it first have to stand outside for days while we hit them with shovels and strip them of their individuality.
Snickers8T8: want *in* I mean.
Popndeth: hahaha
Popndeth: you should share that ;<
Snickers8T8: Yes.
Snickers8T8: When someone registers, at first they can only make one post in the "Porch" forum.
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