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This law isn't about race. It's about breaking the law or not breaking the law. If you're an Legal / Natural Born American citizen then you don't have anything to worry about. If you're here illegally then you're committing a crime.
Once again, what constitutes the "reasonable suspicion" that a person is illegal and that a cop should demand their papers, if not race?

I'm waiting.

(citation needed)
You don't believe me that minorities are pulled over more than whites? You're even more naive and stupid than I had initially believed. Allow me to show you:
From the article:
Latino drivers are being stopped at a higher rate by the police than their share of the driving-age population, and they are more likely to have their cars searched than their white counterparts, shows a Chicago Reporter analysis of 2007 traffic stop data collected by the Illinois Department of Transportation.
The Reporter’s analysis also found that Latino drivers were asked for permission to search their cars at a higher rate in 25 out of the 44 communities than white counterparts—despite the fact that Latinos were less likely to be found in possession of contraband.
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