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Yep, that one was really good. But I think that this book has seriously gone downhill since. It still shines time to time, but it has one big major problem, which is this: It has happened SO OFTEN by now that some city or town is possessed by evil forces, everyone there go on a kill/maim/raping spree and mass death ensues, that it's not even near shocking any longer. Rather you find yourself thinking something like "oh here we go again...". I don't like either that many writers nowaday portrays John as if he simply shook off lots of the bad stuff that happened to him. There was even a whole issue of the book dedicated to showing how he exorcised ("killed", because they had taken on physical form) a bunch of bad old memories. I don't know, I find it hard to care about that character any longer, the book has simply gone on for too long. But once it was really, really good.
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