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Originally Posted by Codiekitty View Post
Well, that's not necessarily a way to determine how much you like the game. I called Blaster Master my favorite game, but if I had to I'd let it burn, because I can get another copy for a buck. On the other hand, I coughed up $130 for Panzer Dragoon Saga, and $170 for Radiant Silvergun. I haven't played the former yet (it probably will be the next thing I play, though), and while I really liked what I played of the latter I really haven't played enough form an opinion of it. However, those two would get my priority in a fire.

Maybe the correct question is if some time disruption threatened the existence of the game, would you go back in time and save it?
No, because I don't think that sort of thing happens.

Seriously, Time Travel?

Also there is nothing I don't mind seeing erased. ;(

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