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I'm a big fan of video games first and foremost. I'm mostly a Sega person and I'm currently smashing through as many Sega console games as I can right now. Additionally, I like shmups, particularly those by Compile. If someone would want to research me and surprise with a cool game, it would not be hard. I go by MrSmiley381 on all forums and gaming services I frequent. It would be cool if someone REALLY caught me off guard with something neat and gaming related, especially since I haven't been too surprised by video games as of late.

On the other hand, if that would not seem fun or would be too difficult, I love just about anything. I like comics, I like cult movies, I like things involving robots (please send me a real Transformer, a robot wife, or a Tranny Transformer wife), and if you really want to do something silly with a gag gift, I would not be disappointed.
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