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I warm up to Megadeth a lot, especially holy wars... Punishment due. Has some of my favorite riffs in it. I used to do shows, but that was years ago. I've been into the idea of getting a DAT recorder and playing by myself and doing a lot of ripping off of ween. I forgot to mention I as well have an acoustic, it is a nylon. I'm really into classical and flamenco style as well, I go through brief periods where I'll focus on that, from time to time.

I really get side tracked into playing thrash and technical death metal or whatever you want to call it so easily, it's really addicting to play and I'm not going to lie, I like to be pompous about my more technical side. I'm not one of those assholes though who goes to a guitar shop and plays like I own the place, that shit is annoying and I hate guitar shops and the people who breed there. I tend to like to impress myself, I'm not to much of an outgoing person.

Anyways, do you record stuff at all? I have a little half assed setup I do some recordings on.
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