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I saw it tonight, and despite hearing reports and reading reviews that said it paled in comparison to the original, I wasn't disappointed in the least. I thought it was fantastic.

Visually, it was far superior to the first film. And despite what every review I've read of it has said, I didn't find the story lacking at all. I would say that on the whole I prefer the first movie, but I'd need to see the second one a few more times before I can really make a fair comparison.

I have no problem with the fact that it didn't have a "real" ending, as a lot of people were complaining about. Everybody should have been aware that this is part 2 of 3 going into the film.

The preview for Matrix Revolutions after the credits looks promising, but nothing as visually awe-inspiring as in this film. I do however believe that they ARE going to "up the ante" even more, I suspect they're probably saving the "big guns" for a future trailer closer to the November release.
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