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I saw it and I have to say I was floored. Of course there are the things that were already pointed out by Proto and Mcclaiin (I was sitting there thinking about the CGI looking obvious when Neo was fighting the myriad of Agent Smiths in the middle of the film) but on the whole since I was paying very close attention to this movie I did catch everything and understand it and I did find it better than the original. I was hyped from the start though, they had the trailers for Freddy Vs. Jason and Terminator 3 (Even if T3 sucks, I'd still go see it)


I think the things that threw me off the most were that Agent Smith basically turned into a computer worm and that in the end Morpheus found his faith shaken, his main reason for fighting gone. I went with my roommate to see this and we kept debating whether Neo did indeed have power in the "real" world or if it was a well-timed, coincidental EMP. Guess I'll just hafta wait for the next one. It's coming out in a few months, isn't it?


To all the people bitching about how the movie suddenly ended... I think they did a good enough job with it. Think of all the other movies that ended up like that and were still enjoyable, Back To The Future II springs to mind, it ended the same way ("TO BE CONCLUDED").

I just wish I'd stayed for the end. I missed the Matrix III trailers.
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