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Rog, I'm overjoyed that my Secret Santa gifts were right up your alley! The only one I was sort of worried about was the Domo cap. You'd mentioned "no clothes", so I was on the fence about getting it. Glad I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest is one of my favorite games, so it's just a small token of my thanks.

As to the Frankenstein's Monster lamp... I don't know much about it either. It was collecting dust in an antique emporium that I frequent every so often. I must have passed it by a dozen times and never noticed it. I finally saw it a few days after signing up for the Secret Santa exchange and knew it would be a great gift. Why is Frankie surrounded by a snake? What's up with the bones -- is he a cannibal? Why are his eyes glowing? HAS FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER GONE RADIOACTIVE? And yet, he extends his hand in peace, almost saying "me... friendddddd". It's just so... weird. :-D

When you manage to get Carmen Electra to sign that book, I'd be happy to see a photo (as would the rest of the I-Mock crowd I'm sure).