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Actually from what I heard he was approached and was asked, but he turned it down. Then they went to some moron A and asked him to remake and after a treatment Zombie got a hold of it and said F* this I will at least try to be truthful to the first one. After that one was made he said Ok for part 2 now I will take this in a whole new direction than to the hospital in the same night. Do I agree with any remakes no... but at least he took it from someone who wanted to make Michael Myers into a fast athletic killer who will probably have worn a different mask. And he has stated if they want part 3... go F* themselves, and tried to close up all loose ends in part 2 so no one can make part 3. Doesn't mean they aren't going to try (I heard that part 3 is already signed up to be in 3-D and not involving Zombie)
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