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Something funny did happen with the pillow...

As I was wrapping gifts yesterday, my three dogs (two Collies and a Lab) were rifling through wrapping paper I had on my couch. The pillow was sitting upside down near the paper and one of them knocked it over into the floor.

THEY... WENT... N-U-T-S!

It was like an intruder had entered our home. The face. THE FACE.

I can only imagine it was because the pillow looks so weird and creepy. My two males practically tried to launch their entire bodies at it, with full teeth snarling and vicious howling. I've never seen them act like this before. My poor female... she literally shit herself. Literally. Crap went everywhere; she was so distraught I had to coddle her for twenty minutes afterwards until she calmed down. It was both hilarious and frightening all at the same time.