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Did you even read what I posted? None of the laws apply to anyone other than ALIEN UNLAWFUL ENEMY COMBATANTS. All of the laws and stipulations have the word ALIEN before them. There is nothing that is not defined-- the word alien is defined as a non-US citizen.
The only way to MAteRIALLY SUPPORT HOSTILITIES would be if you donated money, bombs or guns to one of those supposed "terrorist charities". Standing around with a sign is not "Materially supporting hostilities" unless that sign says, "BLOW UP LARGE B UILDINGS AND ACT LIKE TERRORISTS".
Just because the sign itself is material doesn't mean you would be materially supporting hostilities. god you're retarded.

being against war, and thus being against hostilities, is not the same as being hostile against the united states-- you retard. Being hostile against the united states means you say things like, "I WANT TO KILL AMERICA BECAUSE I HATE THEM" not, "I want to stop all wars because i don't want anyone to die" kay thx.
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