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it's possible my testicles are being used as a smokescreen while my cock is flying towards your face at 30 million miles per hour and has already pierced your skull 15 billion times in your lifetime and you don't even k now because my testicles make such a great smokescreen.

And actually for your information the term, "Alien" is being used as a term to *shock* DESIGNATE NON-US CITIZENS AAS CLEARLY DEFINED IN THE DEFINITIONS.

Fuck people's concerns, the simple facts are: The military commisions act existed prior to this in regards to how to treat prisoners of war, this isn't for use against american citizens but only non-citizens, and this is clearly for use against people who commit War Crimes. It doesn't violate any rights, except for those who shouldn't have any-- even then their rights aren't really violated, they just aren't given as much leeway.
Do you want confidential materials to be released to terrorists? Do you want us to have to release terrorists? No.

The only arguments against this I want to see you assholes make is as far as contributing to terrorist organizations being considered a war crime. Do you guys consider it a warcrime to aid terrorist organizations; or rather do you consider it a warcrime to aid in making war crimes?
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