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I've always kinda thought Metal was rather silly after I hit 16. I hated the metal-head kids in high school because not only were they elite virgin assholes, but everything was a -core or -scene, and most importantly if it wasn't music you could kill yourself to then it wasn't cool.

Well I mean, I know I'm a big queer for not digging this supreme man music, but you have to agree this is beyond silly.

As I flip through the channels on the late night at work, I caught this shit playing like there was no tomorrow on MTV2. Normally I stray away from MTV/MTV2/VH1/FUSE/ETC, but I got busy on some work and Wild Boys had turned into this before I knew it.

I normally get a good laugh out of the metal bands that wear make-up (like Cradle of Filth ), or for that matter just about all metal, but these guys take the cake indeed. I laughed harder at this than the last 12 comics i've seen combined.

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