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We did discuss it. It was a dumb documentary, and using an equally dumb example, I showed why it was so.

We also covered it had a kite in it.

Also, you chose to reopen the 'debate' with that picture. So :quityerbitchen

Face it, your 'fluoride is going to kill us all' rant is your signature. Your crowning moment of idiocy, if you will. If Dan Quayle walked into a room and asked, 'how bout that local sports team?' You can bet your ass we would somehow incorporate a potato in our reply.

Back in the day I used to go to Putt Pitt with a bunch of friends. This guy showed up every week. His name was Jerry, he was a bit slow. He would play Tekken Tag Tournament with us and all the while say, "Dragonball can beat (insert anything in the universe here)" It was always odd, always a non-sequitur, and always amusing. In a way, you remind me of him. Not because of your "Fluoride can beat humans" yammering that you go on and on about. No, you remind me of Jerry because you too are a little slow.
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