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Emo McJackass walks around a Not-Blade-Runner futuristic city and give everyone an attitude, then falls in love with a flower girl who's the last of some ancient race, then the flower girl dies and Baby PoutsAlot goes catatonic because he realized everything he ever told everyone was actually copypasted from someone else's biography. Then he kills some guy in a battle of impossible swords and goes home to hang out with a talking tiger and a robot cat.
he wasn't even emomcjackass until he started being schizophrenic. before that he was pretendmcbadass one level higher than everyone else but had a cool materia. do u even watch good movies?
that's like an amazing storyline. you're introduced to a character as some badassand probably even believe it for a while unless you're a little kid who was told the story before you even played it and read gay memes and reviews on the internet or something, then halfway through he turns into some schizophrenic who stole his life from somebody else.
thats fuckin deep.

also why do you say non bladerunner esque. what does that even mean? there was no robots? the worldwasnt decimatedenough by technology?
dude was a dude who thought he was another dude because of science. thats bladerunneresque as hell.
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